About us

Name of School: Nádudvar Vocational High School of Folk Crafts and Dormitory
OM Identifier: 203469
Address: 4181, Nádudvar, Kossuth Lajos street 7.
Phone Number: 06-54-480-438
E-mail: titkarsag@nadudvariszakiskola.hu Head of Institution: Benő-Nagy Réka

Welcome to the page of our school!

You have found a school that is unique on the spectrum of Hungarian education. Our community has been constantly working for the school-based education of folk crafts since 1992. We believe with faith and perseverance that crafts so important in peasant culture can be authentic in today’s world as well. When compiling our training program, we paid equal attention to mastering the professional skills of the crafts and also to applying them in the entrepreneurial sphere. We pay special attention to differentiation in our education as well as the development of individual talent, providing numerous opportunities for our students to evolve both as craftsmen and people.

„The tree responds to the challenges of the wind with its roots.”

Our way of education is based on the Hungarian intellectual and material culture as well as the traditional peasant or countrymen values. As a small school, we provide experimental education in an inclusive community. From this schoolyear on, we are expecting students as a vocational high school, which is a serious step forward, as the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma is given, although it is not obligatory for acquiring a profession.

Learn about our school, the masters who teach here and our professions! I hope you will have a nice time on our website!

Benő-Nagy Réka head of institution